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The third installment in the groundbreaking series that thrusts players into a new 3D universe like never before. Immerse yourself in a dynamic world pulsating with unparalleled fun, intensified challenges, and a plethora of enigmatic mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

Release Date: 2024
Platform: Windows PC
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Attacking Zegeta returns in this sequel in his quest of saving the world from the brink of destruction that comes from above and within.
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Release Date:  November 17 2016
Platform: Playstation®

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THE G.C.P.D. (G CITY POLICE DEPT) created a division of mechanical robots to protect the city and fight crime...But something went wrong and the robots started to attack humans...

1 player

1080p HD Video Output

Release Date:  January 13 2014 (OUYA®), June 22 2015 (PLAYSTATION®)
Includes: Flappy Zegeta HD®
Platform: Playstation®

Flapp ZVR

Flapp Returns in a more challenging adventure in Virtual Reality, experience it from within. An experience like never before!

First Release: 2018
Platform: Oculus Rift®

Flapp & Zegeta

Nintendo® Wii-U
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Release Date: Nov 6 2014

Flappy Zegeta

Flapp Like Never Before in this  Classic Adventure
First  Release  2014
Platform: Amazon®

Zegeta Classic

Play as N. Zegeta and help him find out the truth that will shake his existence...

Frist Release: 2011
Platforms: iPhone (2011)  Amazon (February  28 2016)